Birmingham Rapper

From the City of a thousand trades, and the ancient tribe of Beorma, Birmingham Rapper does what it says on the tin - dances rapper sword in and around Birmingham, and sometimes further afield!

Black Swan Rapper

A flash of red, blue and gold as Black Swan Rapper spin, cut inside and tumble, stretching every sinew and pushing themselves harder, higher and faster, as they strive to get to the bar. They shun the limelight, preferring to hone their skills purely for the pleasure of the dance and the feel of the swords in their hands. Black Swan claim to be the most traditional team in rapper dance due to ancestral connections to both the first Kingsmen and the Tyzack family. Look out for their trademark loose sashes and untucked shirts as they attempt some of the most challenging figures in sword dance using the rapper purists’ fixed handle swords. Please encourage them in the traditional manner, throw underwear at them, or even applaud the youthful exuberance that moves audiences to cry ‘You get your money’s worth with this lot.’

Bubble Rapper

Bubble Rapper is a teenage dance group from Boston, Massachusetts. Two-time winners of the Dancing America Rapper Tournament, they love spins, twirls, and figures of their own devising!

Candyrapper VSOP

Candyrapper VSOP is an award-winning rapper sword dance team based in greater Boston. Rapper sword dancing is, of course, an exciting, fast-paced, and highly unique form of traditional English dance. It involves metal blades with handles, percussive stepping, and intricate, tight-knit figures. Candyrapper VSOP has a long history of performing in the Northeastern United States and internationally, and is recognized for its carefully-crafted dances, double fiddle arrangements, and joie de vivre.

Crook Morris

We are Crook Morris from Kendal, home of woolly sheep and mint cake (and rain). A whole decade ago it was decided we should make an effort to work on the Rapper dance. The old rusty swords were dug out from under the heaps of mint cake and sheep, much to the displeasure of the new Rapper Foreman who thought mint cake and sheep had not provided suitable rust protection, and during an extremely rare freak rain shower Crook Morris's own rapper side was re-born! This is Crook Morris's fourth time competing at DERT and our first year back after hosting DERT in 2017. Fuelled by mint cake who knows what might happen this year?


Dapperapper is a high school aged rapper team from Boston, Massachusetts, and part of Great Meadows Morris and Sword mentored by Erika Roderick, Peter Kruskal and Tom Kruskal.


The "fast and furious"(1) Gaorsach Rapper "recognise that tradition is a living and changing thing"(2), and pose a "credible threat"(3) "as it should be - too many teams are 'safe'."(4) "A little dishevelled"(5), they combine "potentially nice tunes"(6) and "dancing on the edge"(7) with "stepping almost as fast as the music"(8), "some argy bargy"(9) and "GRRR throughout"(10), that "might not be what [you're] into, but, [you'll], like, applaud their effort."(11) Expect "well turned-out"(12) kit, the odd "flash of white gusset"(13) and the official "best interpretation of stepping."(14) "Scary and fast across the ground"(15), with "a fiddle used to its full potential"(16) "suited [to] the wildness of the dance"(17); this is "proper testosterone stuff"(18). A "somewhat frantic and fraught"(19) performance, we guarantee "this is some dope shit"(20) that will leave you "slightly terrified"(21) and asking "Where's my jägerbomb?"(22). It's "pretty feckin' good"(23).

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Leeding Edge Rapper

We are still a fairly new mixed rapper team based in Leeds and we may be a little bit obsessed with Owls! We are looking forward to our first DERT and hoping it will be a hoot! #showusyourowls

Mabel Gubbins

From our home in the cosy valleys of Oxfordshire, Mabel are carefully planning their campaign for DERT 2018 - but the burning question is, what flavour sponge this time? Can we really get away with Henderson's relish royal icing?

Medlock Rapper

Like infected bee stings, Medlock Rapper have risen out of the blistered fist that is the Hive of Industry; Manchester. No pub is too rough, no degrading act too lowly, these are the undiluted scrapings of a barrel long run dry - the very essence of stale sweat, blood and beers condensed into dancing form and spat out with renewed power, energy and moustache.

Mons Meg

Mons Meg Rapper are like a maelstrom, Taking pubs by storm with pride. Every crawl it has its sunshine, Still the beer pours down inside. Watch these feet, they'll step so sprightly, To entertain you one and all, Keep your eyes upon these dancers on the music I do call. Mons Meg Rapper are a Leith based side so famous that they named that massive cannon at Edinburgh Castle after us. How cool is that. The side comes with a health warning. 'Do not Climb on Mons Meg'

Newcastle Kingsmen

Like pebbles, the Kingsmen glisten, worn smooth by the elements; often picked up, occasionally tossed, always fascinating. But beware, don't let them dry out, they will become dull. Instead watch them swirl with the rhythm of the tide, hear them tippety tap and smell their salty goodness.


NYFTE (pronounced nifty) is the National Youth Folklore Troupe of England comprising about 25 young people aged 10 to 18. The team performs a complete range of English traditional music, song and dance. With a retirement age of 19 years minus 1 day, this year's team in the main competition will be a completely new one with none of the winners of the Newcomers Award in 2015 or our Championship Team of 2016 ; most of this year's the team were members of last year's DERTy Team That means that our teams in DERTy will be completely new teams as usual!


Oakenyouth are the junior rapper side from Oakenhoof Folk Arts in Littleborough, Lancashire. Although they are a relatively new side, they have developed their own dance from various figures previously learned. They are also always keen and enthusiastic to dance at the drop of a hat.


Pecsaetan Morris are a women’s Cotswold Morris team from Sheffield formed in 2001. Pecsaetan (pronounced “Peck-suh-tan”) is the name of an Anglo-Saxon tribe, meaning ‘dwellers of the Peak District’. Embracing the fact DERT is in our home town we feel compelled to join in, and if all else fails, we're sure someone mentioned gin.


Pocketflyers is a teen aged team and part of Great Meadows Morris and Sword run by Tom Kruskal in Sudbury MA. Previous teams of ours have competed at DERT such as Candyrapper, Scrambled Six, Beside the Point.

Red Mum Rapper


Sallyport Sword Dancers

Formed in 1969 and still going strong, Sallyport are deeply committed. What to, nobody knows although many people say they ought to be. However, traditional rapper dances, plus good pubs with good beer and good floors do figure somewhere. They also like DERT and are one of the few teams to have never missed one yet.

Shropshire Sharpshins Rapper

“I am of Shropshire, my shinnes be sharp”.

Silver Flame Rapper

Silver Flame are heading up North after a brief sabbatical from DERT last year. In true Sheffield style, they have been training under the gospel words of "I bet that you look good on the dance floor..", and fuelling up on Henderson's Relish instead of their usual Bristol cider. Silver Flame are excited to be shuffling, locking and tumbling into the Steel City for DERT 2018!

Star and Shadow

DERT 2018 will be showing the two times world champion rapper dancing sensation that is Star and Shadow Rapper! They will be coming to dazzle you with their precision and grace, whilst also entertaining you with their rapid quick wit! 10 years in the making and performing for your entertainment.

Stone Monkey

Sword dancers from the East Midlands wearing distinctive black & white socks. Performing rapper, longsword and occasional folky sessions.


Spawned from the coal mines of South Middlesex, Thrales have been spreading culture and enlightenment to the congestion charge zone and beyond since 1994. We dance to the sound of gunfire.

Thrales Mudlarks

The Mudlarks are old father Thrales, long since retired from public life, who pick over the Thames foreshore looking for items of value. Feel free to throw money. They will dance for food.

Tower Ravens

For five years Tower Ravens have been taking the pubs of London by storm and are now escaping the shackles of their Tower and flying to Sheffield. Led by not one, but two, wayward Beefeaters (they've had to double the guard as the Ravens have got increasingly rebellious) they're a team to look out for. Displaying acrobatic prowess and nerves of steel, held together by a love of sword dancing and liquid refreshment, they are relishing the chance to be flying North to astound the public of Sheffield.

Warwick Rapper

Simply put, the finest sword-dancing scientists in the land. Hailing from the University of Warwick in Coventry, we bring a team of students, who have spent every waking hour skipping lectures, and missing deadlines to hone their rapper-related skills.

Whip the Cat

(amended theme tune of the cartoon "Top Cat") Whip the Cat! The most effectual Whip the Cat! Whose intellectual close friends get to call them WtC, Providing it's with dignity. Whip the Cat! The indisputable leader of the gang. They're the boss, they're the pip, they're the championship. They're the most tip-top, Whip the Cat. Yes they're the chief, they're the king, but above everything, They're the most tip-top, Whip the Cat!