Q: When’s the deadline for registration?

A: Registration will close on 5th January. However, it’s worth noting that entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis; if we receive more applications than we have spaces, any teams missing out will be placed on a reserve list. Your place isn’t confirmed until you receive a confirmation email.


Q: Can we enter more than one team?

A: Not at this stage - we are limiting entries to one team per side, to give every side who wants to a fighting shot at taking part. If not all places are filled by the end of the current registration period, we may open it up to second teams - keep an eye out here and on social media for further announcements.


Q: I’m not part of a team, can I buy just a Showcase ticket?

A: Not at this stage - tickets are only available to those attending as part of a team (performer or supporter) and volunteers (see below). Any remaining Showcase tickets will be available to purchase subject to availability and on a first come, first served basis once registration has closed - we will publicise this here and on social media.


Q: Can I volunteer?

A: Absolutely! We’d love to have you - just pop your details here and we’ll get back to you asap.


Q: We’re having problems with the dertinfo website- what should we do?

A: In the first instance, Contact Us - if we can’t fix it ourselves, we’ll make sure we hook you up with the computer wizards that can.


Q: Which category will we be in?

A: This’ll depend on how many teams enter, along with factors like your previous DERT scores if you’ve entered before. New teams will automatically be entered into the Open competition. For more info on how the categorisation works, Contact Us.


Q: How much does it cost to come to DERT?

A: Team entry: £40

Team member (no indoor camping): £15

Team member (plus indoor camping): £40

Team member - concession (no indoor camping): £10

Team member - concession (plus indoor camping): £35

Individual Showcase tickets, to go on sale subject to availability after registration has closed, will be priced at £15. All info is also on the dertinfo website (once you're logged in). We’ve tried to keep the event as affordable as possible. To come and enjoy the dancing in the competition pubs, Spotlight and DERTy is FREE! Bargain.


Q: What counts as a concession?

A: We have concession rates for students and over 65s. There may be other situations in which concession rates will apply; if you think this might apply to you, Contact Us.


Q: When do i need to part with my money?

A: We'll send out invoices once entries are confirmed after registration closes in January.


Q: What’s the deal with the Veterans’ competition?

A: Following some useful feedback, we will be a trialling a different way of running this competition this year with the aim of making it accessible to more teams. It will be in a single judged dance format, like the Traditional and Spotlight competitions, and is entered in the same way as these via dertinfo.


Q: You haven't answered my question! what should i do?

A: Fairly self-explanatory...Contact Us!