Q: What is DERTy?

A: DERTy is the *y*outh section of the Dance England Rapper Tournament.


Q: What’s the age limit for taking part?

A: As the name suggests, this section of the competition is for the younger members of the rapper world - those under 18 years old. At least 3 of the 5 dancers in a set should be under 18, with the average age at 17 or below.


Q: Where will it be taking place in Sheffield?

A: We’re SUPER excited to have DERTy taking place at Sheffield Cathedral, right alongside the Spotlight competition in the middle of Sheffield. Those taking part will be able to watch the Spotlight dances throughout the day, and we will of course be encouraging those in the main adult competition to come and watch the young’uns show them up, too.


Q: What’s the format?

A: In 2018 we will be continuing the same successful format of the past few years. Each team will dance in front of the judges in the morning, where they will receive feedback and advice on their performance. Everyone will then have some time to practice and work on their dance before performing again in the afternoon, when the judges will mark the dances and prizes will be awarded.


Q: Are there different age groups?

A: We will decide on this once all teams have registered, but anticipate having 2 age groups with prizes awarded in each.


Q: What can we win?

A: There will be a trophy for the winning team of each age group, certificates for those who place, and you’ll all get a badge for taking part (everyone loves a badge!).


Q: How much does it cost to enter DERTy?

A: Nothing! Participation in DERTy is free (though there may be other costs that you’ll need to cover like travel and lunch).


Q: I need more information!

A: No problem. Just drop us an email (details here) and we’ll do our best to answer your questions!