DERT (Dancing England Rapper Tournament) is the largest annual rapper dancing competition, hosted each year in a different city in the UK and featuring teams from across both the country, and the globe. Based on local competitions held in the rapper heartland of North East England in the early twentieth century, DERT made its first appearance in the mid-1990s as an offshoot of the prestigious Dancing England showcase. Between 25 and 30 teams compete for a variety of trophies across a number of categories (Premier, Championship, Open, Youth and Traditional), as well as glory, bragging rights and the prestigious “we woz robbed” claim.

In 2018, over the course of one adrenaline- (and possibly gin-) fuelled Saturday, teams will tour the finest pubs that Sheffield has to offer, performing in each one under the watchful gaze of eagle-eyed expert judges. The festivities culminate in the evening Showcase with a chance for all teams to check out the competition and partake in some good natured (?) ribbing (and possibly gin) before the final scores are revealed and prizes awarded.