Sheffield Steel Rapper

“Rising rapidly up the ranks and becoming a force to be reckoned with- it’s the ladies of Sheffield!”- Edwin Dyson, DERT 2015

In 2012, our founding members decided to shake up their shared hobby of hanging out in pubs with friends by forming a rapper team and instead hanging out in pubs with friends and SWORDS. Since then, we have recruited many more lovely members, danced at 5 DERTs and numerous festivals, and generally just had a whole bunch of fun.

If you live in Sheffield, you might well have already come across us dancing in one of our many, many favourite pubs (so many wooden floors to choose from!)- we’re hard to miss in our distinctive black and orange kit based on everyone’s favourite condiment, Henderson's Relish. If not, you can see us in action on Youtube - from our humble beginnings to showcasing our brand new Sheffield dance at the most recent DERT in Kendal.

Things we like:

  • GIN

  • Cake

  • Gin cake

  • Bananas


Things we don’t like:

  • Blisters

  • Plasters that don’t stick properly

  • Blister plasters that don’t stick properly

  • Bananas