Sheffield: A miscellaneous statistics lowdown (or, Sheffield Steel Rapper’s humble brag introduction to their beloved home)


Trees: ≈2,000,000

That's the highest ratio of trees to people of any city in Europe. Enjoy all that delicious extra oxygen.

Average rainy days per year: 131.6

OK, so that's not great, but still fewer than Manchester’s 142.9. So we’ll take it.

Portion of city within the Peak District National Park: 1/3

No other UK city has a national park within its boundaries. From personal experience, we can thoroughly recommend a post-DERT refreshing wander and pub lunch in this beautiful countryside.

Listed buildings: ≈1,100

Our favourite is either the Park Hill flats, or the Arts Tower featuring the largest Paternoster lift in the world. Definitely worth a ride- “safety concerns”, schmafety concerns.

Morris dance teams: 13

According to Wikipedia, “thought to be one of the highest concentrations of sides in the country.” Is this something to brag about? We’re not entirely sure.

Independent breweries: 57

Meaning that on any day of the week, you should be able to find around 400 different craft beers on sale in and around Sheffield.

Pubs in the 2017 Good Beer Guide: 30

Sadly we can’t feature all of these in the main DERT competition, but for the off-piste enthusiasts amongst you, you should have plenty of choice.

Gins: 2

True North Brew Co - Sheffield Dry Gin

Locksley Distilling Co - Sir Robin of Locksley Gin

Needless to say, we have done extensive research on both of these and have not found them wanting. They're good gins, Brent.

Miles of tram track: 37

It’s not called Supertram for no reason, y’know. Featuring the lowest accident rate of any UK tram network. Still look both ways before you cross though, folks.

Women of Steel: A WHOLE BUNCH

… but we’re not talking about our team members here. During WWII, with around about 52,000 Sheffield men gone from the city to fight, the region’s steel manufacturers relied on women to take on roles that were often dangerous and physically demanding; Thomas Firth and Son’s steel manufacturers alone employed over 15,000 women. Their inspirational grit and determination is now honoured with a statue in the city centre.